Committees are appointed by the CCCGA Board President. 

Environmental and Government Affairs Committee

The Environmental and Government Affairs Committee is responsible for evaluating or crafting proposed regulations and legislation; offering suggested policy positions for CCCGA on environmental, regulatory and legislative topics; influencing growers, regulators, legislators and the public on key environmental issues; assisting with legislative relationships.

Frost Advisory Committee

The Frost Advisory Committee will provide oversight and input to the CCCGA board and staff on program operation, enhancements and effectiveness.

Marketing and Promotion Outreach Committee

The Marketing and Promotion Outreach Committee is tasked with promoting the awareness of Massachusetts cranberries and the work of CCCGA to both members and the public. The committee is responsible for recommending the direction and tone of the public relations, media, promotion and education related initiatives of CCCGA. The committee will assist with the planning, development and coordination of promotional products, programs, events and educational outreach activities of CCCGA; monitors and reviews any outside consultants. The committee is tasked with helping to recruit CCCGA volunteers that can be utilized as support or docents/spokespeople at public speaking events, festivals, programs or other venues where Massachusetts cranberries are represented. This may include delivering presentations as part of the CCCGA Cranberry Speakers Bureau Series at local libraries, community organizations, clubs, etc. In addition, committee members are expected to participate at CCCGA public events whenever possible.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for determining the direction for horticultural and environmental research for Massachusetts cranberries. The committee will determine research priorities, create the annual RFP for soliciting research proposals, meet with researchers and review all proposals received. The committee will make recommendations for which proposals should be supported and at what amount and discuss with the funding organization(s).

If you are interested in joining a CCCGA committee, please contact us at 508-866-7878 or