Sand Use

Sand is a Critical Component of Cranberry Agriculture

  • The application of sand to a cranberry bog is part of a normal farming practice and is a natural resource required by the plant.
  • Our bogs are growing in their native environment, under the same environmental conditions as nature intended. This includes growing in the medium of sand.
  • The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, University of Massachusetts Cranberry Station, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and US Army Corps of Engineers all recognize, in one way or another, the regular application of sand to a cranberry bog as a cultural and Best Management Practice. There are USDA programs that incentivize the application of sand to bogs.
  • Cranberry bogs need sand applied regularly.
    • Sand rejuvenates the bog by acting as a natural fertilizer.
    • Sand reduces pest presence and pressures.
    • Sand is needed for dike/dam repairs, for strengthening bog edges, for road repairs, and more.
    • Bog Renovation
      • Generational improvements to a bog require sand for planting new vines.
      • Bog renovation increases yield.
      • Renovation reduces water usage.
      • It decreases pest pressure.
      • Bog renovation overall makes old bogs sustainable.

Take a look at our video on the importance of sand use in cranberry farming below:

See how sand is used in planting a new bog below: