Fresh Fruit & Bog Tours

Fresh Cranberries

Fresh cranberries are typically available in retail stores nationwide from September through January.  Massachusetts cranberry harvest usually takes place in October, which is the best time to visit a nearby farm to procure fresh cranberries. 

Local farms selling fresh cranberries

Please contact these companies directly to see if their offerings suit your needs. 

Local shops selling fresh cranberries

In addition to larger retail chains, these local retailers sell Massachusetts cranberries. 

Bog Tours

Local farms offering bog tours

Please contact these companies directly to see if their offerings suit your bog tour needs. 

Massachusetts Cranberries tour offerings

Public tour tickets will go on sale August 1, 2024. Come back here for the link or check out social media pages. 

Cranberry harvest is something to see! We open weekends in October for individuals to view cranberry harvest. Tours are 60-90 minutes and depart from our barn in Carver. Depending on the harvest location, most groups will board buses to be transported to an active harvest. If our Carver host bog is harvesting, the tour will happen at that location. All groups will be brought up close to the wet harvest to see floating berries in one or more of the various harvest stages which can include picking, racking or loading. Due to the nature of the harvest, we cannot guarantee which stage will be shown on any given day. Please note, our public tours do NOT involve getting into a flooded bog

Coach tours are sold out for the 2024 season.
Educational tours are sold out for the 2024 season. 

Contact for more tour information.