Crimson Tales

Stories from Massachusetts Cranberry Growers

John Decas is the former CEO of Decas Cranberry Sales. John grew up in the family’s cranberry business, working on the bogs as a child, continuing into his adult years where he helped guide Decas Cranberry into a modern, innovative cranberry manufacturing company. In addition, John has served on numerous boards and committees, providing years of experience and guidance to the cranberry industry. In these video segments, John has stories to share of innovation within the industry.

Clark Griffith is a 3rd generation cranberry grower, farming in the town of Carver. Growing up in the business of farming cranberries, Clark has a wealth of knowledge and stories to share. Besides growing cranberries, Clark has been active in numerous boards and committees within the industry, helping to shape its place as Massachusetts' number one agricultural food crop. In this video, Clark talks about other industries supporting the cranberry business.

Raymond Fava is a 3rd generation cranberry grower from Wareham, Massachusetts. Raymond grew up working on his grandfather’s bogs and still has his own bogs today that he continues to farm. Raymond has a rich background in the industry, relishing us with days of years gone by and what it was like to be a cranberry farmer. In this video, Raymond explains what the old labels on fresh cranberries were all about and how as a child it was his job to mount these onto cranberries destined for market on the nearby rail lines.

This project was supported by the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture through grant AGR-SC-2017. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the USDA.