Cranberry Institute Secures $1 Million USDA Funding for Export Market

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The Cranberry Institute is pleased to announce it has been allocated $1million in funding through the USDA’s Regional Agricultural Promotion Program (RAPP). This significant funding is the Cranberry Institute’s first USDA grant and will enable the Cranberry Institute to bolster efforts in developing and expanding export markets for the U.S. cranberry industry. Additionally, health education promotions will highlight the nutritional advantages of cranberries, while trade promotions will focus on fostering relationships with local distributors and education through seminars.

Exports play a crucial role in the cranberry industry, generating over $350 million in revenue annually. With the RAPP funding, the Cranberry Institute will strategically explore and establish new markets in India, South America, and Southeast Asia. 

"This funding will provide the Cranberry Institute with critical support for the development and expansion of new markets on the cranberry industry’s behalf,” said Bill Frantz, Executive Director of the Cranberry Institute. “The Cranberry Institute extends its gratitude to USDA leadership, Secretary Vilsack, and the team at the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, as well as Congressional leadership for their instrumental role in making this program possible.”

Furthermore, the Cranberry Institute would like to specifically acknowledge and thank Chris Jacquette and his team, as well as Curt Alt, for their tireless work in keeping ahead of schedule, and of course, Mark Slupek for his visionary leadership.

About the Cranberry Institute:
The Cranberry Institute is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1951 to further the success of cranberry growers and the industry in the Americas through health, agricultural and environmental stewardship research as well as cranberry promotion and education. The Cranberry Institute is funded voluntarily by Supporting Members that handle, process, and sell cranberries. Supporting Members are represented in national and international regulatory matters and research efforts are done on their behalf.