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What makes the cranberry a useful product worth growing?

Lesson Plan:








Whole, fresh cranberries (note: these are typically sold only in the fall, but they can keep for several months, so consider purchasing ahead of time)

Various processed cranberry products, such as:
- Cranberry sauce and/or preserves (3-8 oz.)
- Cranberry juice (or cranberry juice cocktail) red and/or white (clear)
- Cranberry chutney

Plastic knife (1 per group)

Small paper cups (3 oz., 3-7 per student)


Serving spoons (1 per student who will have a chance to taste appropriate items; remember to make a spoon available for each student tasting a whole cranberry to prevent contamination from student hands.)

Can opener (if cranberry sauce is in a can)

Paper plate or substitute (1 per student)

Chart paper

Exploring Cranberries Web Resources:
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