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    How do growers decide whether there is a risk of crop damage from a spring frost—and     what do they do about it?

Lesson Plan:








Exploring Cranberries Web Resources:
Challenges Await You Introductory Presentation

Chill Out Teacher Resource Presentation Advanced or Simplified
Note: Whether advanced or simplified, each Chill Out Teacher Resource Presentation includes the following content:

  • Part 1: Managing Spring Frost
  • Part 2: What Happened? (Situations 1-3)

Spring Frost Management Log (1 per student or student pair; student pairs should be the partners who adopted a bog together)

Growers’ Association Info Brief, Chill Out: A Grower’s Guide to Managing Spring Frost

Student Web Resources:
Risky Situations Student Resource Presentation(s):
EITHER—for advanced implementation of this lesson—
A Risky Situation?  Student Resource, Version 1: Blue Sky Bog and A Risky Situation Student Resource, Version 1: Sunrise Bog

OR—for simplified implementation of this lesson
A Risky Situation? Student Resource, Version 2