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Where to Buy Cranberries

Please reference the following suppliers if you are a business interested in obtaining cranberries or related products, including bulk purchases.

For consumers looking to purchase fresh cranberries or tourists looking to find out more about visiting a local cranberry farm, visit our Agricultural Tourism page. There you can find details on cranberry farms that sell direct to consumers (and businesses) or offer bog tours/visits and related opportunities.

Clement Pappas Company, Inc.
Seabrook, NJ
Phone: 800-257-7019
Products: Fresh fruit, juice, juice blends, sauce

Cott Corporation
Dunkirk, NY
Phone: 716-366-6100
Products: Juice, juice blends, juice concentrates, nutraceuticals, powdered

Decas Cranberry Products, Inc.
Carver, MA
Phone: 508-866-8506
Products: Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, juice concentrates, nutraceuticals, powdered, sliced, sweet dried

Edgewood Cranberries, LLC and Cape Cod Select®
Carver, MA
Phone: 508-866-1149
Products: Fresh fruit, frozen fruit

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Phone: 508-946-1000
Products: Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, juice, juice blends, juice concentrates, powdered, sauce, sliced, sweet dried

Orcranics Fresh Cranberries

Buzzards Bay, MA
Phone: 508-759-1689
Products: Fresh fruit, organic, sweetened dried, chocolate covered

P.J. Cranberries
East Sandwich, MA
Products: Fresh fruit

Willows Cranberries
Wareham,   MA
Phone: 508-295-9990
Products: Fresh fruit, specialty foods, sweet dried

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