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2013 Cranberry Industry Farm Bill Priorities
updated May2013
Cape Cod Rail Service Warning
updated May2013
Dam Safety
updated Jan2009
DOR (Dept. of Revenue Ch. 61/Abatements/Farm Plates)
updated May2014
Irrigation Automation Systems Report
updated Jan2008
Pesticide Use Reporting
updated Apr2014
RMV Inspections
updated Jan2009
Subsurface Drainage Systems
updated Mar2011
Water Management Act
updated Feb2014
Zone II (Groundwater Protection Areas)
updated Apr2010


2013 Pesticide Report Forms Due
(posted April 2014)
2013 Pesticide Use Report forms are due to the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture's Division of Crop Inspectional Services by May 1, 2014. Failure to submit this report will result in loss of eligibility for renewal of your pesticide license. Each certified or licensed pesticide applicator is accountable for the submission of their Pesticide Use Report.

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Dam Safety Inspection Orders/Registration
(posted January 2009)
The Growers’ Association has learned that the Massachusetts Office of Dam Safety has sent dam safety inspection order letters to many owners of low-hazard dams, informing them that they are due for a 10-year inspection report.  This inspection may or may not be applicable to your farming operation.  See our Dam Safety page for more details.

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Water Management Act
(updated January 2014)
Massachusetts Water Management Act Annual Report Forms are due to MassDEP on February 28, 2014 Remember to send any payments separately. For reporting forms or more detailed information on the Water Management Act, please visit the MassDEP web site.

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MA Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards
(posted January 2009)
This is a reminder that the new Massachusetts Commercial Inspection Standards are now in effect.  The new inspection standards for trucks were in place as of October 1, 2008 and the standards for trailers went into effect on January 1, 2009.
The following vehicles are subject to the new commercial inspection standards:

  • Heavy duty motor vehicles over 10,000 lbs GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
  • Single, full, or semi-trailers over 3,000 lbs GVWR
  • Commercial vehicle/trailer combinations over 10,000 lbs GVWR
  • Converter dollies

Farm plates for trucks or trailers meeting the minimum threshold for the enhanced inspection standard (see above) are NOT exempt and will require the enhanced inspection. If your vehicle/trailer is subject to this new inspection standard, you are not required to obtain an annual “DOT” inspection. This inspection is equivalent to the annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “DOT” inspection.

You will need to locate an inspection station certified to conduct commercial inspections. You also need to be aware that this inspection will likely cost more than the standard inspection fee. Inspection stations must charge the base $29 fee for a sticker but they are allowed to charge an hourly rate on top of this base price. The station must post the hourly charge. For more information or to find an inspection station close to you, visit The regulations can be found at Adobe PDF Icon

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MA Department of Revenue
(updated May 2014)
Most of the following information has been downloaded from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue web site for your convenience. For more detailed information, please visit the Department of Revenue's web site, helpful sections include the Local Officials' Forms & Brochures, Local Assessment, and Farmland Valuation.

Chapter 61, 61A, 61B
Changes in Classified Land Program (Ch61, A, B), from MA Farm Bureau (PDF: 83KB)pdf icon

Chapter 61A (Agricultural or Horticultural Land) Guide (PDF: 113KB)pdf icon

Chapter 61 (Forest Land) Guide (PDF: 107KB)pdf icon

Chapter Land Recommended Values, FY '15 pdf icon

Chapter 61, 61A, 61B Classification Application (Form CL-1) (fillable-form, PDF: 151KB)pdf icon

Property Owner’s Acknowledgement of Rights and Obligations under Classified Forest Land Program, Ch 61(Form CL-1(61)) (PDF: 69KB)pdf icon

Property Owner’s Acknowledgement of Rights and Obligations under Classified Agricultural or Horticultural Land Program, Ch 61A (Form CL-1(61A)) (PDF: 71KB)pdf icon

Property Owner’s Acknowledgement of Rights and Obligations under Classified Recreational Land Program, Ch 61B (Form CL-1(61B)) (PDF: 70KB)pdf icon

Abatement & Refund Applications
Modify a Decision or Abate a Tax for Ch 61, 61A, 61B Land (Form CL-7) (PDF: 57KB)pdf icon

Abatement State Tax Application (Form 128) (PDF: 70KB)pdf icon

Exempt Use Certificate (Form ST-12) (PDF: 68KB)pdf icon

Motor Vehicle Excise Exemption for Farmers - Farm Plate (Form 126A-MVE) (PDF: 50KB)pdf icon
(Massachusetts State law allows a farmer to obtain an exemption from the Excise Tax by filing an application for exemption with the local tax assessor for vehicles that have a General Registration (Farm Plate). The form must be received by the assessors within three years after the excise is due, or one year after the excise is paid, whichever is later.)

Gasoline Refund Application (Form GT-9A) (PDF: 62KB)pdf icon

Special Fuels Refund Application - off-road use of diesel, propane and liquefied gases
(Form SFT-9)
(PDF: 63KB)pdf icon

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Irrigation Automation Final Report
(posted January 25, 2008)
In 2005, the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association was awarded a USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service grant to study irrigation automation systems for Massachusetts cranberries. This grant was completed in 2007 and the final report delivered to USDA. For any grower interested in learning more about the successes and failures of this program, understand how auto-start systems work, potential water savings, fuel expenditures, and more - the final report has been posted.
Download the report.... (PDF: 532KB)Adobe PDF Icon

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Zone II Information
(updated April 2010)
The MA Department of Agricultural Resources must be notified of any applications of a product on the Groundwater Protection List within 10 days of the end of each month.  This form should include all applications made during that month.  You do not need to include chemicals that are not on Groundwater Protection List.  You may use one form to report multiple applications that occurred in the same month.
Notification Form: PDF Form (22 KB)pdf icon
MDAR Web Site: Electronic Notification Form

The CCCGA Zone II maps can be viewed by county and town. Links to the Groundwater Protection Regulations grower advisory and pesticide notification forms can be found here as well. Learn more.....

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Subsurface Water Drainage System
In 2008, the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association received a grant to study subsurface drainage systems for Massachusetts cranberries. Learn more about the research, view photographs, grower input and more. The grant was funded through a Conservation Innovation Grant by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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