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How Cranberries Grow: "Cranberries 101"

Cranberries in Massachusetts
Nestled among the towns and villages of Southeastern Massachusetts are more than 14,000 acres of cranberry bogs. These bogs are the workplaces of the nearly 400 cranberry growing families of the Commonwealth. For generations they have nurtured and cultivated these wetlands, contributed to their communities, provided shelter and habitat for hundreds of plants and animal species, and helped to preserve the beautiful New England countryside.

"Cranberries 101" is an attempt to help explain Massachusetts cranberry production, why it's unique, and what is happening on the farm during each season.


How Cranberries Grow: Cranberries 101

Introduction - a brief background on cranberries

Seasons of the Bog: Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

Dry Harvesting - See how growers harvest fresh fruit

Frost Protection: Spring - Cranberry plants need protection from cold temperatures

Frost Protection: Fall - Cranberries need protection from cold temperatures

Ice Sanding - See how growers perform this critical cultural practice

Nutrition - Understand fertilizer use in cranberry production

Pesticide Use - Learn how cranberry growers manage pests

Pollination - Find out about cranberry flowers and the use of pollinators

Water Use - A summary of water use in cranberries



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